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Chickens Don't Roost Too High
by Red Mountain White Trash
Ed Baggott, Jim Cauthen, Joyce Cauthen, Bill Martin, Philip Foster, Jamie Finley, Nancy Jackson, Carole griffin

Who would have thought the Trash would do a second CD? After the first one, Fire in the Dumpster we said, "There, that's done. We played everything we know. Hope everybody's satisfied.". Actually, we never meant to be a band; we were just a neighborhood gathering (which accounts for the strange instrumentation). Then somebody hung a politically-incorrect band name on us and no one wanted to play with us anymore. So we had to stick together and have done so for about 12 years, though we are scattered across North Alabama in Birmingham, Blountsville, Huntsville, and Gaylesville.
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  1. Step Around, Johnny (2:40)
  2. Monday Morning Blues (3:36)
  3. Gideon / Echoes of the Ozarks (3:49)
  4. Dixie Darling (3:44)
  5. Natchez Under the Hill (3:06)
  6. Don't You Remember the Time? (2:40)
  7. Bluegrass Meadows / Garfield's Blackberry Blossom (3:09)
  8. The Little Princess Footsteps / Sarah Armstrong's Tune (3:14)
  9. Singing My Troubles Away (2:40)
  10. Doubhboy Rag / Lonesome Blues (3:54)
  11. New Born Blues (3:56)
  12. Messenger (1:47)
  13. Chickens Don't Roost Too High (3:09)
  14. Adieu, False Heart (2:54)
  15. Jump In the Well Pretty Little Miss / Greasy Coat (3:48)
  16. Bruces Return (2:44)
  17. Brown's Ferry Blues (3:42)
  18. 28th of January / Lonesome John (3:46)
  19. Adeline Waltz (2:43)
  20. Farewell Trion (3:00)
  21. David Loved Bathsheba (4:09)
  22. Spootiskerry Reel / Dusty Miller (3:18)
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contra dance music

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