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Down in Little Egypt
by Chirps Smith
Chirps Smith

The Midwest's premier square dance fiddler, Chirps Smith, offers up twenty-six tunes that bring to mind front porch music-making on the Illinois prairie and dances held in cabins in the hollers of Little Egypt, all played in the style that he calls simply, and modestly, "Midwestern". There's more to it than that, but put on the CD and see for yourself.

Also featured on Down in Little Egypt are Curtis Buckhannon, Fred Campeau, Dave Landreth, Jeff Miller, Jim Nelson
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  1. Amish Town (1:58)
  2. Old Missouri (3:18)
  3. Ten Cents (2:56)
  4. Charlie Wyler's Tune (2:55)
  5. D & G Polka (3:27)
  6. Chase the Banshee (2:23)
  7. Lost Indian (1:46)
  8. Old Red (1:38)
  9. Fishin' Limber (3:06)
  10. Grotts (3:37)
  11. Elie's Waltz (3:27)
  12. Down in Little Egypt (2:45)
  13. Joke on the Puppy (2:59)
  14. Rolling on the Logs (2:47)
  15. Bowling Green (2:47)
  16. White's Polka (2:43)
  17. Polish Tune (Kujawiak) (3:08)
  18. Hop-Scotch Polka (2;27)
  19. Tippin' Back the Corn (3:08)
  20. Mr. Fisher's Old German Waltz (3:16)
  21. Illinois Cotillion (3:28)
  22. New Year's a-Commin' (2:45)
  23. Idlewood (2:45)
  24. Benton (1:56)
  25. California Waltz (3:34)
  26. Old Plantation (2:58)
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contra dance music

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