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Plays Well with Others and Others and Others
by Portland Megaband
Bernie Payne, Betsy Branch, Chlovena Metzger, Doug Cumming, Ellen Hansen, Flavia Moshofsky, Gay Pulley, Ginny Hollon, Gordy Euler, Hank Laramee, Jocelyn Goodall, John Mullooly, Julia Wilson, Karen Jones, Karen Morgan, Kathleen Stevens, Kathleen Towers, Kathy Seubert, Keith Moe, Lori Schaffer, Mike Kuhn, Moggy Vanderkin, Mona Knapp, Rachel Slater, Russ Miller, Skay Lessley, Steven Talbot Sue Songer, Susan Carter, Susan Kuhn, Susy Spencer, Therese Vogel (that is just the fiddles!), Bo Snyder, Bruce Rowland, Dave Hamlin, Jesse Stanton, Jon Neff, Roger Andrews, Meryle Korn, Deborah Holland, Eliza Romick, Andrew Leaf, Deb Kelly, Fran Tewksbury, Paul Petty, Paula Hamlin, Denis Wilkinson, Todd Silverstein, Hal Day, Janet Goulston, Lanny Martin, Carl Thor, Gail Sittser, John Keys, David Blanchard, Henry Weeks, Jeff Kerssen-Griep, Jerry Nelson, JIm Bell, Jonathan Lay, Kit Siegel, Peggy O'Neill, Veronica Esagui, Dave Smith, Mary Olsen, Merilee Karr, Ralph Baird, Dave Goldman, David Thompson, and Rob Hoffman

The Portland Megaband is an all-volunteer contra dance band open to any musician on any acoustic instrument at any level of experience. The band plays a benefit dance once a year (usually the second Saturday in March) and every other year at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle. Although tune sets here have been edited to fit the time allotment of the CD, many transitions within and between tunes have been left intact to retain the feel and flow of an actual Megaband dance. We hope that the listener will experience this same energy and excitement.
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  1. Robertson's Reel / Paddy on the Railroad / John Stenson's (5:36)
  2. Wagoner One Step / Brasstown / Shennandoah Falls (6:13)
  3. The Flowers of Autumn / The Banks of Lough Gowna / The Boats of Killaloe (4:52)
  4. Da Guizer's / Mairi's Wedding / Meeting of the Waters (5:22)
  5. Far From Home / Old John Tate / Chirps and Grain (6:10)
  6. Bob Olsen / Elzic's Farewell / The Boatman (6:06)
  7. Autumn Nights (2:35)
  8. Haverö (2:58)
  9. Jimmy in the Swamp / Devil in the Strawstack / Forked Deer (6:15)
  10. Hommage à la Belle Gaspesie / Jules Verret / Hommage à Rock Prouix (5:27)
  11. That Jig / Leaping in Lulu / Early in the Year (5:28)
  12. Martin Hayes / Ernie Healy's / Wissahickon Drive (5:43)
  13. Forest Wedding / Stool of Repentance / Good for the Tongue (7:44)
  14. Best Wishes Eliza and Gordy (3:27)
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contra dance music

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