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Waiting for the Perseids
by Pam Weeks
The Perseid shower occurs when the Earth, in orbit around the sun, passes through a band of tiny space particles (commonly thought to be the remnants of a comet!), also in orbit around the sun.   Ham radio operators discovered about 40 years ago that VHF radio signals would bounce back to Earth off the ionized particles left by the meteors, making long-distance communication possible.  The trick is that the reflection occurs for less than a few seconds.  It is a lonely vigil, 99.99% of the time all we can hear is white noise.  I told Pam about operating during the Perseids, and she was inspired to write a tune.  Its about loneliness and hope and reward and the natural cycles of the Universe.  Yow!
-Bill Olson

Also featured on Waiting for the Parseids : Bill Olson, David Kaynor, Margaret Rice, Jim Joseph, Susan Janssen, Greg Aderson, Lorraine Hammond, Bennett Hammond, Tom Rowe, and Doreen Conboy
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  4. Waiting for the Perseids
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  6. The 32nd of August / Payes de Haut / Pat the Budgie
  7. Trollspolska
  8. Sebec Lake Waltz
  9. The Silver Spire / Leather Britches / Julianne Johnson
  10. Kat's Waltz / Summer on Marshall Pond
  11. The Rose in the Heather / The Hungry Rocks / Geese in the Cloverleaf
  12. Tumbledown Switchback / John Brain's / Hunter House
  13. Charlotte's Waltz
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contra dance music

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