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Gypsy Stomp
by Pig's Eye Landing
Tim Reese, Jim Parker, Erik "Puck" Peterson, Amy Sandeen

Musicians often tell long stories about new tunes - how something happened to inspire a melody or how we honored a friend with the gift of newly written music. But for the old "chestnuts" - the tunes that have been around for generations, the explanation that they are traditional seems to suffice.
These are the tunes that have their own long stories to tell. It's amazing to think of all the times each one of these melodies has been played, whistled, forgotten, learned, and taught. Traditional tunes have traveled
Everywhere they go, these melodies enrich people's lives and leave something behind before they move on. With each encounter the tradition grows. Musicians shape the tunes as the music shapes our lives. The world just might be richer for the exchange.
We hope you enjoy these tunes, new and traditional alike. Play them, whistle them, dance to them, learn them, teach them...we're all part of the tradition.
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  1. The Leake County Two-Step / Duck River / Hunt the Buffalo (5:02)
  2. Handsome Molly (2:33)
  3. Orcadia / The Banshee / Silver Spear (5:16)
  4. NorsjÖpolska (3:18)
  5. Rocky Island (3:10)
  6. Celina / Reel Eugene / Miss McCloud's Reel (5:36)
  7. Hell Broke Loose in Georgia (2:44)
  8. Sopris Wedding Waltz (3:02)
  9. Big Liza Jane / Evil Diane / Squirrels Heads in the Gravy (4:48)
  10. Byss-Kalle Polska #32 / Fan på Gräsö (3:37)
  11. Country Ham and Gravy (3:30)
  12. Timmy Clifford's / Planxty Fred / Trippin' Up the Stairs (4:55)
  13. Indian on a Stump (2:16)
  14. My Window Faces the South (3:02)
  15. Hollow Poplar / Gypsy Stomp / President's Day (4:55)
  16. Newark Bay / Marcel Martin (4:35)
  17. Peach's Lullaby (3:00)
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contra dance music

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