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by Popcorn Behavior
Sam Amidon, Stefan Amidon, and Thomas Bartlett

This CD was produced in 1996 when these kids were, well, kids. Since then they have been drawing enthusiastic crowds wheneve rthey play a dance. Here is what Zachary Caldwell had to say:

...all the same there is hardly a time when I'd rather be at home than when Sam, Stefan, and Thomas cram themselves into the music room ( a very thin door away from my bedroom) and start going at it. These kids can make something happen in a way that makes me horribly jealous. They fill a room, heck, a whole house, with magical energy and sound...

Also featured on Journeywork is Keith Murphy
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  1. March of the Ents / The Diplodocus / Kid on the Mountain
  2. Shadowfax / Bee's Wax Sheep Skin / Popcorn Behavior
  3. Princess Nancy / Mountain Road
  4. Big Red / The Phoenix
  5. The First Wing of the Phoenix
  6. John Doherty's / Steampacket / John Doherty's
  7. The Brandywine River / Tom Bombadil's / The Seige of Insengard
  8. Old John's Jig / Munster Buttermlk / Gan Ainm
  9. Humours of Tulla / Man from Bundoran / Whistler from Rosslea / Humours of Tulla
  10. Bulgarian Copenica
  11. Au Vist Lou Loup / Bourrée
  12. Pull the Knife and Stick it Again / New Tobacco / The Oliphaunt
  13. Concert Reel / Glory Reel / Catharsis
  14. Andrea's Waltz
  15. Lead the Knave / Caffeine
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contra dance music

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