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Fresh Wares
by Groovemongers
C.W. Abbott, Jane Knoeck, Rebecca McCallum

The Groovemongers have been making music together since 1997, and even longer if you count the many community jam sessions we all frequented. Somehow a Southern old-timey mandolin player, a classical violinist turned fiddler, and a pianist firmly rooted in Northern traditions found a way to make music together, and we have been ruthlessly mixing styles ever since. Percussion and Diggeridoo add to the fun. This recording has given us the chance to present not only what we play at dances, but also to indulge some of our non-dance musical interests, and to share some ideas not possible in live performance. We hope there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Also featured on Fresh Wares are Teilhard Frost, Marco Brehm, and
Pete Sutherland
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  1. Caliche Creek / Fleur de Mandragore
  2. Breton Set
  3. The Homecoming
  4. Going Back to Israel / North Carolina Breakdown
  5. Pipe on the Hob
  6. The Great Warthog Chase / St. Antoine's
  7. Safe Harbor / Spaghetti Pancakes
  8. Ariadne / Desperation / Ariadne
  9. O, Love, Lie Beside Me
  10. Salvation / Flat Feet and Bloodshot Eyes
  11. The Winding Song / Valse Petit Déjeuner
  12. David's Bathrobe / The Cell Phone
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contra dance music

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