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Cloud Forest
by The Barn Owl Band
Jason Huntley, Jon Duvick, Marty Miller, Brad Johnson, Merle Hall, Mike Bekk, Roger Alexander, and Ehler Orngard

7:45pm on July 6th, 2003. It's been a long, hot day and I'm heading east on State Highway 30, after the Owls play a gig in Vail, Iowa. We were well provided for with a shaded trailer stage, plenty of ice-cold water, and a chicken dinner. (What more could you ask for?) Jon has just given me the latest pre-release of our new CD... As I roll out of town up over the hill and then down, the sun is sinking lower and the shadows lengthen. One man on a bicycle and a woman, maybe his wife, walking some ways behind. The corn at this time of year is wonderfully green and waving like it does no other season but now, just before the sweet corn is starting to get picked. The Iowa scenery, combined with the tune that's now playing, sends chills through me. I want to stop and absorb it all, not let it pass, soak it all in. Sometimes the beauty of the music is where the value of life is. That tune was Closing the Cottage, written by Mike Bell.

Also featured on Cloud Forest are Alice McGary
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  1. Bull at the Wagon (3:36)
  2. The Cloud Forest (4:48)
  3. Magpie / Miller's Reel / Howlin' Bill (5:37)
  4. Dr. Jazz / Peacock Rag (4:15)
  5. Mooncoin / Dinky's / Siobhá n O'Donnell's (5:11)
  6. Irish American Reel / Ships are Sailing / Popcorn (4:17)
  7. Arc of Life (4:22)
  8. Michael's Welcome to Eleanor / Michael's Welcome to Samuel (3:44)
  9. Tuscan Suite (3:57)
  10. Farewell to Whiskey / Shamrock Shore / The Wise Peasant (7:15)
  11. Fuji Blues (2:57)
  12. Mer's Waltz (3:30)
  13. Johnny Cope / Bunch of Keys (4:47)
  14. The Oars Rise Up (5:51)
  15. Closing the Cottage (4:41)
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contra dance music

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