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Barn Owls Live
by The Barn Owl Band
Jason Huntley, Jon Duvick, Marty Miller, Brad Johnson, Merle Hall, Mike Bell, Roger Alexander, Ehler Orngard

Nothing quite captures the spirit, energy, and the thrill of acoustic music like a live performance. The dancers know it when we play and we can tell how much they enjoy what we have to offer. Though we don't think we'll ever stop playing for dances, we're beginning to understand that performing a concert can be just as rewarding, both for our audience and for us. To those of you who joined us that evening, we are glad you were with us and hope that this recording will bring a smile to your face. To those of you who are listening for the first time - enjoy! Whether you sit and listen quietly, tap your toes, stomp your feet, or dance around the room, we hope that you enjoy our music as much as we enjoyed playing it.
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  1. Johnson Boys (4:18)
  2. Trip to Durrow / Buffalo Creek / Tam Lin (5:43)
  3. The Cloud Forest (3:24)
  4. Speed the Plow / Cold Frosty Morning / Salt Creek (4:09)
  5. Gaspeé Reel / Reel Traditionelle! / Reel Saint Antoine (4:32)
  6. Little Rabbit (3:16)
  7. The Musical Priest (2:44)
  8. New Chinquapin Hunting / Cattle in the Cane (4:33)
  9. Behind the Haystack / Banish Misfortune / Cooley's Reel (5:59)
  10. Texas Gals / Swinging on a Gate / It Don't Mean a Thing / Swinging Reprise (5:41)
  11. The Field Behind the Plow (4:05)
  12. Mrs. Garden of Troup / The Dashing White Sergeant / Oyster River Hornpipe / The Snow Queen / The Flowers of Edinburgh (5:50)
  13. Closing the Cottage (5:12)
  14. Å Jenta Å Ja / Miss McLeod's Reel (3:25)
  15. Fiddler of Dooney / Julia Delaney / The Merry Blacksmith / Pleasant Street (6:01)
  16. Star of Munster / Pére Leon / The Mason's Apron / Devil's Dream (6:08)
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contra dance music

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